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Run graphics program in Turbo C

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Hello friends,

In the last post(which was actually my first post),i told you the 2 ways to run Turbo C in full screen in Windows7.In this post,i will tell you how to run graphics program in Windows XP or even vista/7.There is no big problem in that,but when we download Turbo C and install it,then its default graphics library is not set and some of the files are missing in it.If you will try to compile any program in it,then it will show linker errors.For removing these,you will have to go to Options>Linker>Libraries.Here,you will find that there is only one option(Standard Run Time),which is cross marked.Now just cross marked Graphics Library.Then press OK.

The files that are missing are egavga.bgi and egavga.obj.Without these,your graphics program will be compiled with no errors,but when you will open the user screen by pressing Alt plus F5.

Now, download the egavga.bgi file and the egavga.obj file.

After,downloading,copy these files to bgi folder of Turbo C.

Now ,Run Turbo C.Even if it is not working,then copy all the files from bgi folder to bin folder.

Always remember that you need to run Turbo C in full screen to run graphics program.

If you want that i should make you understand by making a video,then please post that as a comment and please Subscribe for more…

I have made 1 graphics program,maybe you find interesting:

#include <graphics.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <conio.h>
int main(void)
   int gdriver = DETECT, gmode, errorcode;
   int i,j;
   initgraph(&gdriver, &gmode,””);
   return 0;

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  1. very good data it helped me a lot thank you (i believe n appreciating)

  2. Link is not valid for file.

  3. thanx a ton….it ws really helpful

  4. .OBJ file link is not valid….
    can u please give me the correct link…


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